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What We Do

Adopting a digital-first approach supported by automation is not just an option; it’s a strategic imperative. The FastDox platform was designed to meet the complex needs of businesses today with a suite of robust features, intuitive user interfaces, and advanced AI powered automation capabilities, we're here to streamline your client relationships and drive your business forward.

Our all-in-one platform combines the power of 20 products into one customisable and brandable system. We have helped businesses consolidate multiple cumbersome existing individual products into one centralised and succinct solution whilst streamlining processes, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing conversions.

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Client Management Platform

Our comprehensive client management platform was designed to meet the complex needs of businesses today with a suite of robust features, intuitive user interfaces, and advanced AI powered automation capabilities, we're here to streamline your client relationships and drive your business forward.

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Client Portal

Our mobile friendly client portal gives your clients immediate access to key information in a branded secure and easy to use portal. This includes but is not limited to, real time progress updates and alerts, access to self-service onboarding journeys with AI driven reminder cycles, appointment management and alerts, supporting documents and electronic signing. To help reduce inbound calls there is also an optional chat facility to engage with clients as efficiently as possible without draining resource.

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Referral Portal

Receiving leads via referrals from other companies is always beneficial but managing those leads, updating those businesses on progress and ensuring what is received is of the highest quality can be difficult and time consuming. The Referral portal has been designed specifically to handle this, by creating an easy-to-use system for third party referral partners to securely transfer data, offer real time dynamic reporting on status updates, add a layer of protection from poor or incorrect data being transferred and reporting on the cost per conversion and best performing partners.

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Lead Management & Skill Based Routing

As the landscape of business operations becomes more complex, the benefits of implementing robust lead management and skill-based routing systems are increasingly clear. They not only improve efficiency and effectiveness but also provide a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. At FastDox, we provide cutting-edge lead management solutions that are designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, offering you the best of both worlds. Through our time based workflows and triggers, skill based routing and automated re-engagement we will ensure leads are assigned to the right person at the right time, whilst improving your conversions and client retention from start to finish.

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Digital Onboarding & Client Engagement

In today’s fast-paced business environment, there’s no time for lengthy, cumbersome onboarding processes. Traditional onboarding methods often involve a mountain of paperwork, manual data entry, and hours of administrative work. These antiquated practices are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Enter FastDox digital onboarding—a revolutionary approach that harnesses the power of technology to streamline the integration of new clients into your organisation.

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Digital Transformation

At FastDox we don’t just offer tools; we provide a comprehensive ecosystem for your digital transformation journey. We have assisted businesses across sectors globally, from healthcare and finance to manufacturing and e-commerce. As you navigate the complexities of modernising your operations, remember: you're not just adapting to new technologies; you're evolving your entire business model for the future.

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Workflow Automation

Our all-in-one suite of solutions is designed to facilitate this transformation seamlessly. With a customer base that spans the globe and offices in the UK and Canada, we are committed to helping companies redefine what is possible. Whether you want to trigger different self-serve onboarding journeys at different times of the day, automate re-engagement with clients, trigger reminders, schedule appointments, complete KYC or automate annual reviews. All can be done with ease within the FastDox campaign and workflow management tools. The future of business lies in automation and intelligent systems. Workflow automation and triggers are not just a technological upgrade; they are an operational necessity. By adopting these systems, you are taking a significant step toward a more efficient, effective, and competitive business model.

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AI OCR & Automation

Incorporating FastDox’s AI OCR Reading and Automated Reminders into your business operations means stepping into a world of unmatched efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. As part of our document collection modules, the addition of the AI driven OCR reading will extract key information as accurately as possible, whether this is proof of income, proof of address, ID verification or bank statements. The data can be extrapolated and attributed to a clients file through automated processes. Our AI powered reminder cycles, through machine learning will identify when the most optimal time is to contact your clients, for maximum engagement and conversions. Whether you are sending a reminder message to complete a self-serve onboarding journey, or a reminder about a forthcoming appointment, rest assured these messages will be delivered at the best possible time for the highest possible open rates.

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Next Generation E-Sign

Adopting our electronic signing is a strategic move that can revolutionise how your company operates. From speeding up transactions to ensuring the highest level of security, the benefits are manifold and impactful. At FastDox we can attest to how much our clients have gained from making this shift. Through the power of our onboarding journeys, clients can complete complex data forms, and information at multiple stages of their signup process, all of which can easily be dynamically merged into a document for signing either within the same journey or at a later stage. Our comprehensive auditing, witness module and document distribution ensure all your compliance-based needs are more than covered when adopting digital signing technologies.

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Open Banking

At FastDox our integrated open banking solution gives clients the ability to easily provide financial data with the click of a button. Gone are the days of having to request bank statements and review line by line. With the power of Open Banking FastDox can present, affordability reports, construct categorised income and expenditure trends, and highlight vulnerabilities in a matter of minutes!

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At FastDox we go beyond the norm when it comes to Know Your Customer (KYC) & Know Your Business (KYB) checks. The addition of automation and data analysis allows us to make informed automated decisions based on Anti Money Laundering (AML) results. Such decisions might result in a more in-depth due diligence process directing clients to a full biometric ID verification workflow or may result in non-qualification. All can be programmed with ease within the FastDox platform to ensure rapid result delivery without compromising on data accuracy.

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Conflict Of Interest Checks

As a leader in digital transformation and automated software solutions, FastDox offers a robust platform that allows for seamless integration with DVLA and Companies House. Our solution is designed to be intuitive, secure, and easily scalable, meeting the needs of businesses large and small.

By leveraging DVLA and Companies House integration into your operations, you can achieve higher efficiency, improved compliance, and a decisive competitive advantage. Trust FastDox to provide the technological solutions that propel your business into the future.

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ID Verification

Our Biometric ID verification offers an unparalleled blend of enhanced security and user convenience. It reduces operational costs and enjoys high user acceptance, making it an ideal choice for modern businesses striving to maintain robust and secure systems. At FastDox, we are committed to incorporating these advanced technologies into our automated onboarding journeys to help our clients across the globe achieve higher levels of security and efficiency.

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Appointment Scheduling with Teams/Zoom Integration

The combination of Microsoft Teams and Zoom with our dedicated appointment scheduling system offers a powerhouse of features designed to maximise productivity, improve client interaction, and enhance internal communication. Whether you want to book appointments for your clients or allow them to schedule their own appointments FastDox does this with ease. Ensuring appointments are scheduled and assigned to the right people at the right time. Our dynamic AI reminders will eradicate No Shows, and with Microsoft Outlook integration appointment management couldn’t be easier with the FastDox platform.

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Sectors We Serve

At FastDox We provide scalable and efficient ways for companies around the world to transform their operations and carve a niche for themselves in the global market. Our extensive experience in digital transformation places us in a unique position to understand the nuanced requirements of businesses, making us an invaluable partner in your digital transformation journey.

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Trusted by Many

Millions of Customers at 100's of Companies Accelerate Their Business: Powered by FastDox.


“Clients have found Fastdox easy to use and engaging, as can be seen from our 87% take up rate, which far exceeded our expectations.

The support we have had from Fastdox in tailoring the product to our requirements has been first class and the on-going support excellent.

We are delighted with the Fastdox product and have no hesitation in recommending it to any other insolvency practice looking to implement a client portal.”

Voluntary Arrangements
StepChange Debt Charity

“FastDox have been a key part in our growth as a company. We have increased our output thanks to FastDox. They have a brilliant solution that has changed our business for the better. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending FastDox for any business!”

Keil Malpass, Project Manager
AMK Legal

“I can't say enough great things about FastDox. They know their stuff and are extremely friendly and easy to work with. As a Claim’s Management Company, we rely on getting documents back quick to keep our customers engaged and retained. FastDox has helped us do more business in less time.”

Mark Carroll, Operations Director
Goodwin Barrett

“The diversity and flexibility of FastDox has enabled us to request an unlimited amount of documents from clients including those to be signed, uploaded and verified, the simplicity of the user interface has helped immensely with the return of key documentation.”

Hanover Insolvency

"Great customer service and will always respond to queries quickly, FastDox have gone above and beyond in helping us becoming digitally streamlined."

Your Mortgage Decisions

"FastDox's rich data and API integrations are helping us develop a seamless onboarding journey. This will reduce friction for customers and enable proactive management of their accounts. Excellent system which is incredibly feature rich!"

Total Processing

"We love FastDox, they provide great resources for Trustees. FastDox has added value across our entire Business and has helped reduce our cost of acquisition."

Harris & Partners

"FastDox is simple for clients to use and simple for our staff to use. It has an incredibly intuitive user interface, which makes it quick to send and receive documents from clients and complete KYC checks. Not only do our staff love it but so do our clients!"

Bennett Jones

"FastDox has helped us become super-efficient and always at hand to help assist with our requests. The feedback from our customers has been great and they love the easy to use platform."

A. Fisher & Associates

"FastDox is an innovative product and a great Company to do business with, they are very easy to work with and always take a very personable approach with training, planning and configuration requirements. The team has worked closely with our own internal IT team to ensure the system connects seamlessly with our existing CRM and processes."


"FastDox are a great Company to work with and provide excellent service. The tools FastDox have provided has revolutionized our lead engagement and boosted conversions without increasing our marketing spend."

Car Loans Canada

"FastDox's slick interface and extensive onboarding features have allowed us to scale our targeted approach to customer acquisition, which has been really powerful because it's increased the frequency of campaigns while decreasing the cost of acquisition significantly."

Her Accountants

We Get Things Done

Waiting for documents to be returned puts a huge strain on your productivity. With FastDox
82% of SMS received are actioned and completed within 20 minutes.


FastDox’s all-encompassing customer onboarding platform drives efficiency by ensuring all documents are returned and completed in record time. We believe there are no limits to success. Only admin. We want your staff to be focused on driving profit and improving your business performance not shuffling papers and playing telephone tennis. FastDox breaks the chain of endless amounts of phone calls, document chasing and email answering by automating tedious and time-consuming admin tasks.

GDPR Compliant

E2E Encryption

Bespoke Solution

API Integrations

Full Audit Trails

Reporting Suite

Fast & Secure

User Friendly

Your Questions Answered

Your questions are important to us. Read our list of frequently asked questions to get the answers you’re looking for.

If you still need more information please give us a call on 0161 820 9310

We provide a full consultancy service via our Customer Success Team.

We will work alongside your Operations Team to project manage a road map of success to ensure that integration is seamless, smooth and hassle free.

All businesses are different, and we will be happy to make suggestions to improve your processes and how FastDox will give you maximum return on investment, improve conversions and boost productivity.

We have open API and Webhooks available, so providing that you have access to API keys and Webhooks, we can integrate with ease to any CRM.

Our Customer Success Team are available to ensure your staff and users are fully trained and competent to use FastDox before going live.

We will conduct training on-site or remotely – it’s entirely your choice.

Once the initial training is completed, you will have access to your bespoke explainer and training videos.

These are made specifically for your business and a full “How to” suite of comprehensive training documentation and guides.

FastDox is fully self-configurable, therefore we will ensure your Operations Team will be proficient on making changes and providing ongoing training, but if you ever need us, just call, we are always happy to help.

Billing commences when you go live. We believe in making sure the system is built to your exact specifications before mutually signing off and being deployed in a live environment.

You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager; their role is to ensure that you are getting as much out of FastDox as possible.

They will be in regular contact and will keep you posted with further releases and new modules.

Your Account Manager can be contacted by phone, email and live chat. We are not faceless and are always happy to chat!

Any technical questions can be asked through our Service desk available 12 hour per day Monday to Friday

We have a large in-house development team, we can set companies live inside of 24 hours. We can work as fast as you need us to.